GYMNAZIA is dedicated to providing its students with a well rounded education in all facets of dance. Our classes emphasize correct technique, fundamentals and a familiarization of the dance vocabulary.


This is special class where we select talented and naturally gifted children. We are working on developing physical abilities and learn curriculum of adapted Vaganova Ballet Program. Choreography of this level is designed according to ballet aesthetic. Demands and expectations from these groups are higher and closer to professional level, we have evaluation system to control results and aim to participate in competitions with students of this course.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is officially done on the streets and known as the popular street includes a wide range of styles.rhythm and coordination development is dynamic musicality in a style that gives both fun and strength for children.


Contemporary dance includes movements from yoga, jazz-modern, modern, acrobatic and classical ballet. Symbiosis movements from different styles has allowed to be born an amazing dance: lyrical, emotional, deep, sensual. Dancers will discover limitless ability to dream and improvise, to show the world what is hidden deep inside themselves.


Being based on ballet technic Jazz dance program focusing on developing movements variety, learning jazz vocabulary and expressing reaches of the music. Gymnazia Jazz will make students dance lyrical jazz, show dance and Broadway style..

Folk & Pop

Dance Folk&Pop is an interesting direction where we incorporate variety of folk dances with popular music. At the same time we are continue work on developing body for dance practice, we are learning technical foundation of dance – ballet basic and we keep working on stretching.Choreography starts to shine with more complicated dance steps, simple turns and variety of formations.